Aayiram Abilashangal

Released On - 10 Mar 1984     1hr 59min

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Aayiram Abilashangal
Indian Film History


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Savitri (Latha) and  Ravi (Vijayakumar) have a loving relationship. Ramesh, Savitri's brother, has traveled from Singapore, and the entire family spends the weekend at Ravi's estate. And that evening Savitri's horrific ordeal begins. Only she can see an apparition; only she can hear an unsettling tune and the clanging of anklets. Another spirit enters her body and drives out her own spirit before she recognizes what is occurring./    Savitri's persona transforms over night; she now talks, moves, and acts differently than she did before. Ramesh observes her while being perplexed by the shift. She meanders about the hills with the casual familiarity of someone who has lived there her entire life, and he follows her.