Released On - 06 Jul 2006     4hr 2min

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Title Singer Rating
1 Yaha Sabko Sab (Title) Gary Lawyer, Alisha Chinai 4 Lyrics 4 : 24
2 Peele Peele Sangeet Haldipur, Vasundhara Das 4 Lyrics 4 : 48
3 O Sikander Kailash Kher, Sapna Mukherjee 5 Lyrics 6 : 29
4 Lamha Lamha Zindagi Hai Asha Bhosle 4 Lyrics 3 : 18

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Sehgal Group of Industries(SGI) is owned by Vinay Sehgal and Marwah Group of Industries (MGI) owned by Dharmesh Marwah are two rival companies in the food and beverages company. Nishigandha aka Nishi, played by Bipasha Basu joins as the VP at SGI and Vinay’s brother in law Ritesh, played by Kay Kay Menon joins as senior VP a little later. After Ashwini becomes the Union Finance minister SGI enters into a partnership with international food giant Friscon.


Meanwhile the state home minister declares the public sector on sale and SGI and MGI go full throttle into competition. Nishi

 Seduces the MGI CEO and gets classified information on a soft drink that they are to launch. SGI launches their own drink in stead sidelining the MGI launch. The CEO gets fired due to the leak. Before the launch a huge amount of pesticide is detected in the drink but it is launched anyway by Sehgal by bribing the FDA agents. Marwah learns this and exposes the matter to the media and the blame is put on Nishi.


Meanwhile Ritesh and Nishi are having an affair and soon he learns that she is pregnant with his child. Ritesh demands that Nishi be released from jail. Later he is found dead after falling off his home balcony. Nishi is still fighting the case of his death even after 2 years with her child, while Sehgal and Marwah owners are happy in their world.