Dhund: The Fog

Released On - 21 Feb 2003     2hr 33min

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Simran Malhotra, played by Aditi Gowitrikar is a wealthy and fortunate girl, living in a huge mansion with her uncle. Her beauty and charm have made her win many beauty pageants in the past and present. There is another beauty contest coming up and Simran is eager to try her hand at it to see if she can still win like always. Meanwhile Tanya, played by Shweta Menon hears of Simran’s participation in the contest and fears she will win, thus is extremely jealous of her. She then turns to her drug addict brother Ajit and asks him to help her deal with Simran. He gladly obliges and makes threatening calls to her but she doesn’t budge and goes ahead and wins the contest again.


Hearing this news Tanya is furious and swears revenge. Simran along with her boyfriend Samir and her friend Kajal along with her boyfriend Kunal go to Khandala to celebrate. While the boys are out shopping for gifts, the girls get attacked by Ajit. However they counter attack him and he accidentally dies. The girls then explain everything to the boys and they decide to hide his dead body and throw his car in the river. However little do they know that Ajit has come back from the dead to avenge his death.


The movie is directed by Shyam Ramsay and produced by Yashovardhan Tyagi. The music is composed by Viju Shah. The cinematography is by Gangu Ramsay.