Dil E Nadaan

Released On - 04 Jun 1982     2hr 32min

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Dil E Nadaan
Indian Film History

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Anand and Vijay have been close friends since childhood. They both are raised Vijay’s mother. Anand was an orphan and adopted by the family but was always made to feel very much a part of it. Both the boys end up working for the same organization and also fall in love with the same girl named Asha. Asha however is in love with Anand and wants to marry him. Meanwhile one night after work, when Vijay gives a ride home to his secretary Sheela, they get intimate and she gets pregnant. She however does not disclose this fact to him. Vijay meanwhile wants to marry Asha and tells this to Anand. The latter however moves out of their way and makes them believe that he is the father of Sheela’s child. The film is directed by C V Sridhar and Sridhar and produced by S M Sundaram. The music is composed by Khayyam. The star cast includes Rajesh Khanna, Om Parkesh, Shatrughan Sinha, Jaya Prada, Smita Patil, Dina Pathak, Agha, Keshto Mukherjee, Jagdish Raj and Asha Lata.