Dilli Gang

Released On - 27 Sep 2013     1hr 36min

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The story of the film revolves around the plight of senior citizens who are left to fend for themselves, while their children go to foreign lands for better job prospects. Busy in their own world, making money and securing money for their future, they forget their parents who have helped them reach this position in their lives. The senior citizens usually face a barrage of problems like loneliness, no communication and worse the high crime rate against the elderly people. 


An elderly couple played by Darshan Jariwala and Nina Kulkarni are living by themselves in Delhi, while their son Ashish, played by Amir Dalvi, who is based in Germany for his business venture has not visited them since a very long time. They miss him and long to speak and see him but he is too engrossed with his life and career that he has no time to come and see them.


Sadly there is gang of four criminals who are particularly looking for elderly couples in the neighborhood to attack and extort money. Ashish’s parents are aware of the news about the gang that has spreads like wild fire and they are scared for their lives. The movie is directed by Ashish Tyagi and produced by Rajeshwar Tyagi. The music is composed by Amjad Nadeem and Siddhant Madhav. The singers include Mika Singh, Javed Ali, Siddhant Madhav and Vikas Bhalla.