Released On - 01 Jan 1989     2hr 5min

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1 Yeh Mausam Yunhi Aata Rahe Suresh Wadkar, Asha Bhosle 4 Lyrics 6 : 21

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Vijay is a star football player and in love with Nisha. Both get married eventually and she moves into Vijay’s home. Vijay also has two younger brothers Kamal, who is studying medicine and Sunil who is in college. Meanwhile Nisha gives birth to a baby girl and they name her Minnie. Things take a tragic turn when Vijay has a horrific accident and losses both legs. Nisha is then forced to start working and gets a job with Pradhan. Kamal then falls in love with wealthy Deepa. However her father is against the marriage as his friend has seen Nisha in a compromising position with Pradhan. Kamal is devastated to hear this and sets to find out the truth.


The film is directed by Raj Dutta and produced by Yawar Khan. The music is composed by Kuldeep Singh. The star cast includes Vikram Gokhale, Deepika and Lalita Pawar.