Released On - 13 Jul 2018     1hr 40min

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1 Aaj Se Pehle Armaan Malik 3 Lyrics 3 : 41

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Ekta a tale of murder, suspense, romance and revenge released on July 13th 2018 produced by Bikshamaiah Sangam and Suman Reddy under the banner of BS Productions and Virat Cinemas.  For this film songs, father and Son came together in collaboration for the first time. Daboo Malik composed the songs and his son Arman Malik sang the songs.

Starring in this thriller are Robin Sohi, Salil Ankola and Navneet Kaur as the lead actors and the film is helmed by Suman Reddy.  The film is a bilingual and is made simultaneously in Hindi and Telugu language.

The plot of the film is about Ekta, a simple girl from Alleppey in Kerala, who meets her soulmate Rajul during her vacation. They fall in love and marry with a hope to live a great future together but their dreams are short lived as they find themselves surrounded by murders which keep happening around them.   The investigations start and they are also detained and asked not to leave the city to get to the bottom of the murders. Why are they held? Is there a dark past of Ekta that is manifesting in these murders?