Released On - 05 Sep 2009    

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The story of Firaaq is based on the violence that took place in Gujarat in 2002. The lives of many people changed forever and this movie will bring together the tale of many ordinary people who’s life was altered for either being a victim, a perpetrator or a silent docile observer. Khan Saheb, played by Naseeruddin Shah is an old Muslim vocalist. He is blissfully ignorant and unaware of what’s happening around him. He only realizes when a shrine dedicated to a sufi saint is destroyed, how bad the situation in the city is.


Aarti is left with guilt and traumatized for not helping a Muslim woman from a mob. So to repent she helps Mohsin, a Muslim boy who is lost and searching for his family. Her husband Sanjay and brother Deven are busy in bribing the police to prevent arrest for the latters crime of gang-rape. Later a young Muslim couple come back home to find it robbed and burned. The husband vows revenge and looks for a gun.


Elsewhere Sameer Shaikh and Anuradha Desai are shocked to see their store burned down and decide to go back to Delhi. There he has to confront her parents for not telling them before that he is a Muslim. The movie is directed by Nandita Das and produced by Percept Picture Company.