Hansa Ek Sanyog

Released On - 03 May 2019     2hr 0min

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Hansa Ek Sanyog
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Hansa Ek Sanyog starring Akhilendra Mishra, Sharat Saxena, Deepshikha Nagpal , Sayaji Shinde , Vaishnavi and Aman Verma in the leading roles.  The film is directed by Santosh Kashyap and Dhiraj Verma and is produced by Suresh Sharma who has done an extensive research on the lives of the transgender.  
The film is not just an entertaining movie but essays a social message on the life the transgender live. The kind of discrimination they are subjected to in the society and them, not able to live a normal life or have an access to public utility or accommodations, health care.  Their rights are not protected.  
A story of a transgender born in a rich family where the grandfather forces the daughter-in-law to give away her child because its born a transgender. The child is handed over to the chief of the transgender, Amina Banu who raises the little child. 
The filmmaker has made an appeal to the people not to look down upon the transgender and to treat them with respect as they are human beings too like any of us and has a right to live in the society like we do and if they are born transgender, they are not to be blamed and should be included in the society.  
The film has its usual entertainment and masala besides the melodious songs, the film hopefully should bring about some change in the outlook of the people towards the transgender.  
Releasing on the 12th April 2019. 

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