Released On - 06 Aug 1981    

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Suraj loses his long time love Seema and decides to build a hotel in her memory in a scenic location. He finds a place and asks his secretary Lalwani to check the place and do the needful. Turns out, the place has an ancestral graveyard and an old priest looks after the place. Lalwani and a couple of his associates decide to fool the priest and lie to him that an orphanage will be built there and forge the legal papers. They then ruthlessly kill the priest. The construction work of the hotel then begins but doesn’t go peaceful. Suraj decides to pay a visit to hotel as it will be inaugurated in a few days. Things don’t seem to be normal in and around the hotel. One by one all the people involved in killing the priest start getting murdered one by one. The film is directed by Tulsi and Shyam Ramsay. The film is produced by Harish Shah. The star cast includes Navin Nischol, Rakesh Roshan, Bindiya Goswami, Prema Narayan, Ranjeet, Prem Kishan, Mehmood and Neelam.