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Released On - 04 Sep 2004    


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Sagar is a computer engineer who works hard but is not satisfied with a 5-9 job and wants to earn more money. His close friend Lucky is a computer hacker and has hacked many accounts for fun and for money. Both friends hatch a plan to earn more money to live a comfortable lifestyle. They thus go to Thailand and meet Alex, who is a notorious mafia kingpin from Somalia. Alex asks Sagar and Lucky to convert a huge sum of money he has stolen, to convert it into local currency. The duo agrees but they have their own sinister plans to get rich.


Being computer experts, Sagar and Lucky plan to hack into Alex’s bank accounts and change his passwords so he will not be able to access his account or use the money. Alex meanwhile comes to know who is behind this and comes after Sagar and Luck with full vengeance. The movie is directed and produced by Sikander Bhatiaand co produced by Suresh Bafna. The music is composed by Latif Shaikh. The star cast includes Vishesh Suraj, Reshmi Ghosh and Pratima Vikral.