Released On - 19 Sep 2008     1hr 47min

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Raj, played by Sushant Singh is a successful stock broker working in a renowned firm. He is happily married to Abha , played by Kartika Rane, who is a marketing professional. The couple move into a new apartment in Mumbai. They are relieved that along with their careers, their domestic life is also falling into place. Everything seems going great, until Raj, a light-sleeper, begins to hear noises at regular intervals late in the night. Having his peaceful sleep broken Raj, goes downstairs to investigate the source of the noise and turns out it is the buildings security guard who is blowing the whistle. On asking he tells Raj that it is to scare the thieves away as instructed by the building secretary, Janardhan, played by Rajat Kapoor. On repeadted requests when Janardhan doesn’t budge, Raj is left with no choice but to file a police complaint. But the police is enticed with Janardhan’s sweet talk and explains Raj that it is an important safety procedure.


Slowly the lack of a good night’s sleep and peace begin to take a toll on Raj’s life. The usual smart and witty Raj is always on the edge and unable to take quick conclusive decisions. At the end he makes a huge blunder by selling stock in bulk where in the building secretary too had invested, and both incur huge losses. The movie is directed by Jaideep Varma and produced by Sunil Doshi. The music is composed by Indian Ocean.