Indian Never Again Nirbhaya

Released On - 20 Apr 2018     2hr 1min

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Indian Never Again Nirbhaya
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Indian Never Again Nirbhaya is crime drama film based on the true horrendous incident of Delhi’s biggest gang rape that happened on the cold winter and unfortunate night in December 2012. It is nearly 7 years now but the brutal gang rape in a moving bus is still in the minds of the people.    Directed by Payal Kashyap and Kanchan for Diva Film Productions and Shree Adhikary & Sons.

Starring Riecha Sharma, Bidisha Adhikary , Gehana Vasisht in the lead roles.  Music is given by Rupesh Verma and the film a multi star cast.

The story that the people already know has been shuddering to the nation and to the world. The film is to highlight the fact that in 21st Century, the women of India are not safe and not treated with respect. A shameful act of people with the mind set of rapists and degrading women still exists among masses and it is very difficult to change the system and educate the people.

For the producer and directors and the actor it was not easy to do the shooting with ease and was hard on them that this was an incident that sent shivers to the spine of each of us.   The film was released on April 20th 2018.