Ishq Click

Released On - 22 Jul 2016     2hr 19min

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Ishq Click
Indian Film History
Ishq Click
Indian Film History
Ishq Click
Indian Film History


Title Singer Rating
1 Ishq Me Kho Gaye Hai, Ha Tere Ho Gaye Hai Neeti Mohan 2 Lyrics 2 : 22
2 Kuhu Bole Haule Haule Shalmali Kholgade 4 Lyrics 2 : 11
3 Abhi Ajnabi The Samira Koppikar 4 Lyrics 2 : 18
4 Abhi Ajnabi The - II Madhuri Pandey 3 Lyrics 4 : 2
5 Dhai Akhar (Unplugged) 4 Lyrics 5 : 4
6 Dhai Akhar Prem Kahani Mohammed Irfan 2 Lyrics 2 : 29
7 Ka Dekhu Main Chand 5 Lyrics 8 : 25
8 Ka Dekhu Main Chand - I Anamika Singh, Ajay Jaiswal 5 Lyrics 2 : 38
9 Ka Dekhu Main Chand - II Anamika Singh, Avinash 5 Lyrics 8 : 25
10 Ka Dekhu Main Chand - III Ajay Jaiswal 5 Lyrics 8 : 25
11 Mana Tujhi Ko Khuda Hricha Narayana, Ankit Tiwari 3 Lyrics 4 : 26
12 Mana Tujhi Ko Khuda - I Ankit Tiwari, Hricha Narayana 4 Lyrics 2 : 45
13 Mana Tujhi Ko Khuda - II Hricha Narayana, Nakash Aziz 3 Lyrics 4 : 26
14 Mana Tujhi Ko Khuda - III Ankit Tiwari 3 Lyrics 4 : 26


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Sophia, played by Sara Loren is an orphan living in Darjeeling and is cared for by a church. She doesn’t have much knowledge about the outside world and hasn’t been to many places growing up. Her world revolves around the walls of the church and a little outside it.


She happens to meet Aditya, played by Adhyayan Suman who is a budding photographer and they become good friends. They meet regularly and he takes her around. They fall in love and he suggests she should come to Mumbai and try modeling. She delightfully accepts his offer and goes along with him.


Sophia becomes a successful model after a while but Aditya still struggles to get a foot hold of his career. He loves Sofia but his career and success are his utmost priority. He meets Era, played by Sanskkriti Jain, who is the daughter of an established photographer. He knows he has found his luck and starts befriending Era. They soon fall in love and decide to get married.


Hearing this news Sophia is completely shattered. She tries committing suicide on their first wedding anniversary and leaves a letter, which doesn’t accuse Aditya. Era later leaerns of his past and leaves him. He is heart broken and names her the heir to all his belongings. He tries to look for her but to no avail. He finally commits suicide and Sophia becomes a nun at the same church that supported her.


Ishq Click is directed by Anil Ballani and produced by Ajay Jaiswal and Satish Tripathi. The music is composed by Ajay Jaiswal and Satish Tripathi.