Jai Jagannath

Released On - 13 Jul 2007     2hr 7min

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As per the ancient scriptures of Laxmi Puran, the untouchables were neither allowed to pray nor to perform any rituals for the Gods. They were kept away from the religious ceremonies and worship of the almighty. A girl called Sriya decides to chance this injustice and not only dares to pray and worship, but also wins over the Goddess Laxmi. Things begins to turn for the worse when Laxmi is separated by Lord Jagannath on instructions from his brother Balram, due to the equality that is being created on earth among the untouchables and that they are slowly participating in rituals and worshipping.


Things start going downhill for Jagannath and Balram when Laxmi is offended and decides to leave them and move out of the house. There is immense suffering in the house, as Balram and Jagannath have no food to eat or water to drink. This torture continues for 12 long years. They realize their mistake and ask Laxmi to come back into the house. She is willing to return only on one condition that the discrimination between caste and religion has to stop. Thus begins the journey of all people praying and worshipping as equals in the same temple.


The movie is directed by Sabyasachi Mohapatra and produced by B. Chintu Mohapatra. The music is composed by Late Akshaya Mohanty. The star cast includes Sarat Pujari, Sadhu Meher, Sritam Das, Jyoti Mishra, Pintu Nanda and Mohini Shilalipi.