Jism Farosh

Released On - 01 Jul 2005     2hr 5min

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The film Jism Farosh is about how people get completely absorbed in passion and physical pleasure. They tend to forget the dark side of being involved in such callous behavior and regret it later. The film talks about STD that get transmitted due to having multiple partners as well as sleeping around with people we hardly know well. One night stands can sometimes ruin people’s life forever and there is no turning back from it. It is the story of a person battling with AIDS and how he regrets all his affairs and decisions in life.


Jism Farosh is directed by Munir Khan and produced by B K Malhotra. The star cast includes Afreen, B K Malhotra, Mahesh Raj, Birbal, Vishwajeet, Mallika, Rajesh Sabharwal, Rajeev Raj, Ramesh Goyal and Rakhi Bajaj. The music is composed by Amit Gupta and the screenplay is written by B K Malhotra. The dialogues are written by Lalji Gorakhpuri.