Kaali Ki Saugandh

Released On - 17 Nov 2000     2hr 5min

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Reshma Singh lives in Jhansi with her two brothers and widowed mother. One of her brother is a police inspector. She works as a teacher at the village of Rudhrapur, when she hears about a cruel Thakur Gajraj and his associates who have been ruling and terrorizing the village. One day she gets into a tiff with the Thakur and his team. They end up killing one of her brothers. When she goes to avenge his death, she gets nabbed and gets sexually assaulted by the Thakur and his friends. She is then arrested and jailed and given a death sentence by the court.


Before the sentence is carried out Reshma escapes and is then found by few bandits of Sardar Singh. He listen to her story intently and decides to help her take revenge for the wrong done to her. She is then trained in using arms and riding horses. She manages to kill Gajraj’s associates but now she has to face her own brother who is a police officer. He will make sure that she isn’t successful in her plot at any cost. The movie is directed by Sabir and produced by Arif Tamboli and Zuber. The music is composed by Rais Bhartiya and the lyrics are written by Sahil Sultanpuri. The star cast includes Dharamendra, Satnam Kaur, Shakti Kapoor, Anil Nagrath, Jack Gaud, Shiva, Ali Khan, Abid Shah.