Released On - 04 Mar 1991     2hr 1min

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Maniram is a conniving and ruthless businessman who has made his money by selling people substandard and adulterated items. He cheats the poor people and takes advantage of their helplessness. His business is run by his daughter-in-law Tejo who has tied the knot with Maniram’s mentally ill son. His elder son returns from town to get married but on the wedding night leaves his wife and runs away. Meanwhile the police get a tip off and arrest him. The cops now crack down on Maniram’s illegal trades. Tejo gets restless and goes crazy for power and money.


The film is directed by Kumar Sahani and produced by NFDC and Doordarshan. The music is composed by Vanraj Bhatia. The star cast includes Shatrunghan Sinha,Manohar Singh, Mita Vashistha, Alok Nath, Samarth and Raghubir Yadav.