Kaun Pravin Tambe

Released On - 01 Apr 2022     2hr 10min

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Kaun Pravin Tambe
Indian Film History

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An Indian cricketer who works hard to accomplish his ultimate objective of participating in the Ranji Trophy. He begins a new chapter of his life at the penultimate stage of his profession, at an age when most people's careers are thought to be coming to an end.

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Times Of India 3.5 5 Pallabi Dey Purkayastha Click Here
Indian Express 2 5 Rohan Naahar Click Here
Filmfare 3.5 5 Devesh Sharma Click Here
NDTV 3 5 Saibal Chatterjee Click Here
Firstpost 3 5 Anna MM Click Here
Rediff 3 5 Deepti Patwardhan Click Here
Cinema Express 3 5 Vignesh Madhu Click Here
ABP Live 3.5 5 Ravi Bule Click Here
Cinestaan 3 5 Keyur Seta Click Here
Maharashtra Times 3.5 5 Jaydeep Pathak Click Here
TV9 Hindi 4 5 Sonali Naik Click Here
Prabhat Khabar 3 5 Urmila Kori Click Here
Miss Malini 4 5 Anupriya Verma Click Here
Bollywood Bubble 2 5 Simran Khanna Click Here