Released On - 01 Jan 1951     2hr 50min



Lachak is an Action-Adventure-Thriller Emotional-Romantic Musical Family Drama Film crafted with excellence by MI Dharamsey. The Story revolves around the life of Rita (played by Kuldip Kaur)- A sweet girl living with her father- Sethji (played by Ram Singh)- who owns a theatre company in the village and an artist gets kidnapped by Durjan (played by BM Vyas)- An Evil Landlord-n who wanted their land. However Rita calls Amar (played by Amarnath)- A Private Detective- who investigates the case and fells in love with an Artist Kammo (played by Geeta Bali)- A Beautiful girl- but she also gets abducted after Sethji and Amar along with Rita sets on the path to bring down Durjan, leading to consequences.