Released On - 01 Nov 2002     1hr 37min



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Leela, played by Dimple Kapadia, is a dedicated wife and a renowned and well-respected professor. All her life she has been used to called Nashaad’s wife and lost her own identity as a person and as a woman. She comes across an opportunity where she has to go to California as a visiting professor. She doesn’t think twice and jumps at this once in a lifetime opportunity. She reaches the US with big dreams and aspirations.


Soon Leela begins to feel comfortable with the new found freedom and individual identity that she makes for herself in California as a professor. She feels she has finally broken the shackles of being just a wife and sees there is much more to her life than that. One day she meets a young boy named Kris and they become good friends. Soon they become so close that their friendship turns into something more. Leela stars to realize, that she had brushed off her desires for so long and they are all coming to the fore now. Only time will tell if this romance will last or be a disastrous one.


The movie is directed by Somnath Sen and produced by Kavita Munjal and Anjalika Mathur. The music is composed by Shantanu Moitra.