Maa Ke Aansu

Released On - 13 Sep 1996     2hr 16min

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Many customs and traditions are sometimes blindly followed in India, without knowing the real truth. Such customs can sometimes cause more harm and grievance than we can ever imagine. The story of this movie revolves around a tradition like this. A couple who has been trying to conceive a child for the longest time is stressed at not being able to become parents. The mother finally offers prayers at the durgah and as a tradition if they conceive a child, he/she has to be thrown from a height at the durgah. Finally the mother conceives a child and the couple is elated. When the baby is born however, the mother has to throw him from a height, but the father refuses and goes away with the child. This causes immense suffering for the mother and the family.


The movie is directed by Dinesh Thakur and produced by Ramchandra N Panwar. The music is composed by Yunus Malik and the lyrics are written by Anjum Jaipuri, PayamSayeedi and Vinoo Mahendra. The star cast includes Dinesh Thakur, Satish Kaul, Sona, Sonia Sahani, Kader Khan, Paintal,Shakti Kapoor, Roopesh Kumar, Chand Usmani, HusnBano and Jayshree T.