Mahabali Hanuman

Released On - 01 Jan 1981     2hr 10min

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Anjali is a true devotee of Shivjiand prays to him for the gift of a child. After nine months she gives birth to Pavanputra Hanuman with the help of Pavandev. He is given super powers like that of changing shapes, the ability to fly and also turning into minute and gigantic within a few seconds. One day he playfully swallows the sun and this leaves the entire universe in darkness. Indra dev is furious at this and kills Hanuman.
Pavandev is shocked and brings the world to a standstill and takes assistance from gods like Laxmiji, vishnuji, Agnidev and Parvatiji to bring him back to life. He thus becomes immotal and is known as Mahabali. Hanuman is asked to be devoted to Ramji and begins looking for him. He even rescues his wife Sitaji from Ravan. The film is directed by Babubai Mistry and produced by Homi Wadia. The music is composed by Kamalkant. The star cast includes Rakesh Roshan, Manhar Desai, Kavita Kiran, Anjana, S N Tripathi, Hercules, Aparna Choudhary and Jayshree T.