Released On - 26 May 1981     2hr 3min


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Raghunath is a wealthy widower living with his daughter Shalini. One day a woman attacks him but he escapes unhurt. Shalini meanwhile introduces her boyfriend Ajay, an advocate to meet her dad. He is incidentally Raghunath’s friend’s nephew. Raghunath would like him to train his daughter to be a good businesswoman. Things take a different turn when Shalini finds out that she has a twin sister named Ratna and
she is the daughter of a courtesan, her father once got intimate with. Her mother is the same woman who had attacked her father a few days ago. Shalini gets Ratna home and soon the latter begins to make herself very comfortable in her new surrondings. She even begins to behave like Shalini and starts flirting with Ajay. Things will take a drastic turn when Ratna reveals a letter written by her mother. The film is directed by Amar Kumar and produced by Krishna Kumar. The music is composed by Shanker Jaikishen. The star cast includes Ashok Kumar, Sadhana, Anil Dhawan and Roopesh Kumar.