Mere Dad Ki Maruti

Released On - 15 Mar 2013     1hr 42min

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Mere Dad Ki Maruti
Indian Film History
Mere Dad Ki Maruti
Indian Film History
Mere Dad Ki Maruti
Indian Film History


Title Singer Rating
1 Mere Dad Ki Maruti (Title Track) Diljit Dosanjh, Sachin Gupta 2 Lyrics 4 : 22
2 Hip Hip Hurrah Sonu Kakkar 3 Lyrics 3 : 32
3 Main Senti Hoon Shalmali Kholgade, Jaspreet Jasz 3 Lyrics 3 : 12
4 Punjabiyaan Di Battery Yo Yo Honey Singh, Mika Singh 3 Lyrics 3 : 22
5 Haye Manak E 5 Lyrics 2 : 35


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In Chandigarh, Tej Khullar, played by Ram Kapoor is getting his daughter married. He buys her and his would-be son-in-law a new Maruti Ertiga and plans to gift it to them after their wedding. A day before, Tej’s younger son Sameer, played by Saqib Saleem, secretly takes the car to his college to impress a hot girl. He drops her back to her hostel and while he’s drunk gives the car keys to someone who he thinks is the valet guy, but soon loses the car.


In a state of panic, Sameer along with his friend Gattu go around into the night searching for his dad’s Maruti car but to no avail. The next day they get a test drive car to show his dad that the car is sill in the garage and later get a rented car from Pathan who they return the car to later barely managing to escape the police. But the police lay a trap for Sameer and he is jailed. Sameer informs his sister who gets her fiancé to bail him out and then tells the police the whole story.


Meanwhile the cops nab a gang trying to tow away a stolen Maruti Ertiga and hand the car back to Sameer. Later at his sisters wedding, while Sameer decorates the car and puts it back, Gattu gets a Ertiga and so does Jasleen. Sameer explains everything to his father who gets mad at him but eventually forgives him. Turns out Gattu won the car in a contest while Jasleen got the car from a Jatt family who’s life she saved.


The movie is directed by Ashima Chibber and produced by Ashish Patil. The music is composed by Sachin Gupta.