Meri Pyari Daadi

Released On - 27 Dec 2024     2hr 10min

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Galaxy Entertainment, the prolific movie producer, Dr. Deepak Singh, well-known for the blockbuster "Soorma," has teamed up with Anita Devgan Talkies & HF Productions to present their latest venture, "Meri Pyari Daadi." Penned and directed by the creative director Taj, the movie is set to entertain audiences worldwide. Produced by the esteemed duo, Dr Deepak Singh and Tejinder Singh. Lyrics are going to be penned down by Bablu Sodhi,  and songs will be sung by various singers. "Meri Pyari Daadi" features a stellar cast including Anita Devgan, Mehraaj Singh, Akshita Sharma, Fateh Siyan, and Divjot Kaur, and Introducing Shabad an 8 Yr old who will play grandson, promising an enthralling cinematic experience.