Released On - 20 Sep 2002     2hr 9min

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Javed and Jas have been the best of friends for the longest time. Even though Javed is a Muslim and Jass a Hindu, their friendship has known no bounds of religion, caste or creed. Javed is an aspiring poet, while Jas comes from an illustrious family. Javed soon falls in love with one of his admirers named Archana. They both meet often and the love continues to grow. Even though Archana is from a Hindu family, they have no qualms about her marrying a Muslim. They get a date from the registrar for their court marriage.


One day an incident turns everyone’s life up side down. A group of men are molesting Archana and Javed and Jas reach in time to save her. In the ensuing fight and struggle, Jas ends up accidentally killing Javed. Archana is devastated. When Javed dad, brother and sister Shabnam visit his house, they hide the fact that Javed is dead. Soon Jas gets close to Shabnam and falls in love with her. Her dad is not happy about this development and wants her to marry only a Muslim man. Soon the truth about Javed’s death surfaces and so does Jas’s involvement in it.


The movie is directed by K Ravi Shankar and produced by Shanoo Mehra. The star cast includes Jackie Shroff, Madhoo, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Arun Bakshi, Vinay Anand and Rita Bhaduri.