Mumbai Express

Released On - 15 Apr 2005     2hr 32min


Title Singer Rating
1 Pyaar Chahiye (2) Shreya Ghoshal, Sonu Nigam, Shaan 3 Lyrics 6 : 53
2 Pyaar Chahiye Sonu Nigam, Shaan 4 Lyrics 5 : 21
3 Aila Re Sonu Nigam, , Sunidhi Chauhan, Shaan, Shreya Ghoshal 4 Lyrics 4 : 1
4 Bander Ki Dug Dugi Sunidhi Chauhan, 5 Lyrics 4 : 55

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Three inexperienced and sloppy thieves plan on kidnapping the child of a wealthy businessman. They do all the planning in advance and also do a trial run, which is successful. Now on the day of the actual kidnapping, the guy who was to operate a crane, gets injured and the plan is a disaster. The team however ropes in Avinash aka Mumbai Express, played by Kamal Haasan. Many unpredictable events occur and the rest of the gang too is badly hurt except Mumbai Express. Now he decides to pull off the heist by himself.


Unfortunately, Mumbai Express kidnaps the wrong boy, who is the son of Ahalya, played by Manisha Koirala and inspector Rao. He still manages to get a huge ransom from the wealthy businessman. A fight ensues between the orginal kidnappers team and Avinash, but he manages to deliver the child unhurt to his mother. He overhears Rao telling Ahalya that he doesn’t want to be part of her life anymore, but she pleads to send the ransom. Meanwhile her son has become fond of Avinash and wants him to stay with his mother and him. Avinash on the other hand has himself fallen in love with Ahalya. There is more confusion and chaos on the way.


The movie is directed by Singeetam Srinivasa Rao and produced by Kamal Haasan and Chandrahasan. The music is composed by llayaraaja.