Not A Love Story

Released On - 19 Aug 2011     1hr 40min

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Not A Love Story
Indian Film History

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Anusha, played by Mahi Gill leaves Chandigarh for good after breaking up with her boyfriend Robin, played by Deepak Dobriyal. He begs her to not leave but the aspiring actress has made up her mind to settle in Mumbai and fulfill her dreams of making it big in Bollywood.


In her bid to begin a flourishing career in movies Anusha has a chance meeting with a filmmaker called Sam. They discuss opportunities for her and she is elated. But Sam has a request, he will cast Anusha in his movies only if she sleeps with him. This infuriates and saddens her and she walks out and never contacts Sam again.


Dejected she meets two new friends Anju and Prashant who help her get auditions and encourage her to not give up on her dreams on becoming a successful actress. She happens to meet another film-maker Ashish Bhatnagar, played by Ajay Gehi who after shortlisting her gets her into his films lead role. The two get close and go partying, get drunk and end up in bed at her place. Her ex boyfriend Robin happens to visit her at the same night to surprise her and finds Ashish in bed. Enraged he kills Ashish and cuts his body to pieces and burns it at a nearby secluded location.


When Ashish’s friends report him missing a wide search is led on where ultimately Anusha and Robin are found suspects and a case is presented in court. Not a love Story is directed by Ram Gopal Varma and produced by Vijay Ghosh, Sunil Bohra and Shailesh Singh.