Ocean Of An Old Man

Released On - 22 May 2009     2hr 5min

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Set in the Serene and picturesque Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the movie shows the fury unleashed by mother nature on the inhabitants of the Island. The film depicts a very gory aftermath of the Tsunami, which wiped out villages, buildings, properties and most importantly humanity. The destruction caused by this natural calamities has left a deep and wide impact on the hearts of people even today, as they lost their families, their houses and everything that they worked and built over the years.


A dedicated school teacher not only loses his wife and daughter in the Tsunami, but also his school and most of his students. The heart-wrenching story goes on further, when every single day the teacher comes to whatever is left of the school and takes regular attendance, only to find that 90% of his students are gone. He begins to search for the students one by one.


The movie is directed and produced by Raj Shera. The star cast includes Tom Alter, Jamie Alter, Iris Maya Tittelback, Phalguni Gangopadhyaya, Manik Lal Rakshit, Mrs Sipra Sarkar, Mui and Raju.