Qatil Aur Aashiq

Released On - 01 Jan 1986    

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Manohar disfigures the face of Sheetal’s husband after killing him. They make his body look like Manohar’s so that the world thinks that he is the one dead. She tricks him into doing this evil act and then goes off with him and her daughter Reema. Meanwhile Manohar’s wife and son Raja think that he is dead and move on with their lives in a far away town. Raja meanwhile grows up to be a rebel. Manohar meanwhile becomes a rich man dealing with the underworld. He is known as Dharamdas to many doing his social work and as Major to the underworld.

Meanwhile Reema and Raja fall in love. But a man named Girdhari recognizes Dharamdas as the real Manohar and sends his own son Hira, in Raja’s place to get Reema and him married. The film is directed by Swaroop Kumar and produced by Shakeel Chishti and M Maroof. The music is composed by Nadeem Shravan. The star cast includes Vijayendra Ghatge, Javed Khan, Shoma anand, Zarina Wahab, Raza Murad, Om Shivpuri, Bindu, Kanan Kaushal and Kalpana Iyer.