Raakh Aur Chingari

Released On - 01 Jan 1982     2hr 42min


Title Singer Rating
1 Mehfil Mein Tera Mohammed Rafi, 4 Lyrics 3 : 59
2 Yeh Anjaan Raahen Chandrani Mukherjee 4 Lyrics 5 : 27

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Manohar is a loving father and does everything in his capacity for his family and son. He gets into illegal trades so that his son can have the best education. However one day he is caught by the police and his true identity is revealed to his wife and son. In despair she leaves him and goes far away with her son. Meanwhile Kedarnath who always used Manohar for his selfish motives now has forgotten to take care of his family after the latter’s arrest. Thus he wants revenge and kidnaps one of Kedarnath’s twin daughters. Soon the twins Shalu and Meena are set up to murder the other sister. The film is directed by S U Saiyed and produced by P S Doda. The music is composed by Ratandeep and Hemraaj. The star cast includes Vinod Mehra, Vidya Sinha, Anil Dhawan and Asha Sachdev.