Released On - 16 Sep 2011     2hr 12min

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Good friends Rahul, played by Manoj Biddvai and Amar decide to take a journey to the village of Bhedia in order to attend the marriage ceremony of Amar’s sister. Mumbai based Rahul is fascinated by the village life and beauty. He is in awe of the rustic life style the village people are used to.


During his journey into the village, Rahul happens to see a local girl Bela, played by Saadhika Randhawa and its love at first sight for him. He soon learns from the local folks and his friend that Bela is destined to get into the flesh trade and be a prostitute so he better not waste any time on her. However, Rahul is unable to get the beautiful Bela out of his mind and decides to find out more about her. He finds that she lives with her mother Paro, played by Deepti Naval and father Mangatram, played by Rajendra Gupta.


Rahul manages to meet Bela without anyones knowledge and they soon fall in love. The news spreads and the people of the village are infuriated on hearing this. The village of Bhedia has a tradition where the police handover girls to wealthy zamindars for money. The men are dependent solely on the flesh trade. Thus, during a special Panchayat meeting to decide the couples fate is held where the mukhiya, played by Alok Nath finds them guilty and gives Rahul the death sentence.


Rivaaz is directed and produced by Ashok Nanda and Vidya Kamat. The music is composed by Raj Inder and Reeg Deb.