Released On - 07 Sep 2012     2hr 2min


Title Singer Rating
1 Aansu Kabhi Chhalke Nahi Jagjit Singh 5 Lyrics 7 : 15
2 Fiza Mahaki Mahaki Si Shreya Ghoshal 3 Lyrics 6 : 43
3 Tum Jo Mile Ho To Lagta Hai Aise Shreya Ghoshal, Shaan 5 Lyrics 6 : 5
4 Sari Duniya Se Hai Badkar Pyar Ka Hi Naam Kailash Kher 3 Lyrics 6 : 3

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Rural areas have seen a girl child as a burden since their marriage will cost them huge amounts of money. Thus in many old traditions and culture the girl child is aborted or simply killed. The Male child is given more importance, as he is the one to carry the family name and legacy forward. Thus, the term female infanticide has come into the picture as part of the Indian culture among the backward thinking, uneducated lot. 


Anita, played by Samapika Debnath, is an independent young dynamic lady, who works for an NGO. She gets married to a rich industrialist Mr. Desai. After her marriage she goes to a primary health care center in a village on an official assignment. There she is disturbed to hear the domestic violence that her caretaker Radha is suffering at the hands of her husband and in-laws. Radha has two daughters and is pregnant with her third. Her in-laws are hell-bent for her to have an abortion but Radha is reluctant.


After a spate of horrific domestic abuse, Radha goes into labor and later gives birth to a still born baby girl. She is devastated to hear this terrible news of losing her child. Anita finds something not right about this situation and investigates further. What she finds is truly disturbing and will shake the human faith to its core.


The movie is directed by Vijay Patkar and produced by Dr. Sanjay Patole and Dr. Ajay Rane. The cinematography is by Suresh Suvarna and music is composed by Sushil Lalji. The screenplay of the movie is by Ajay Patole and Dr. Sanjay Patole.