Sabse Bada Beiman

Released On - 02 Jun 2000     2hr 5min

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A man drives an auto rickshaw to pay for his younger brother’s education and make him a better man. The entire day he is working hard to make ends meet. However at night he turns into a masked robber. Unknown to anyone he steals and commits robberies. One the other hand, an honest cop in the day, becomes a corrupt officer at night only so that his sister can get married and settle in a good home. The climax is when the two dishonest men turn into the most honest men.


The movie is directed by Imran Khalid and produced by Vijay Kapoor. The music is composed by Ghulam Ali. The star cast includes Mithun Chakraborty, Jack Gaud,Mushtaq Khan,Harish Patel,Manish Wadhwa,Vinod Tripathi,Laxmikant Berde,Kiran Kumar,Mohan Joshi and Amita Nangia.