Sadharan Meye

Released On - 01 Jan 1991     1hr 50min

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The story is as Ranjit is an productive constable be that as it may a group of hoodlums driven by a woman named Ranita keeps him on his toes. He is beyond any doubt of their wrongdoing in any case is incapable to capture them due to need of prove. Ranita is went with by Antony, an something else delicate man who makes a difference the destitute and sad. A marriage arrangement brings Ranjan in light to Ranita's realself. Her title is Sarbani and she was Ranjan's childhood sweetheart. After they were isolated, she had seen various hardships in her life which had driven her to select such a calling. Ranjan meets Sarbani where she tells him the truth. Ranjan exhorts her to uncover the names of all the individuals of her group to the police. Meanwhile Sarbani's youthful brother gets to be truly sick and gets conceded to the clinic. She chooses to commit one final wrongdoing and ransacks a bank with Antony. The police chase her be that as it may by the time she comes with the money, her brother is as of now dead. Sarbani is captured and sentenced to jail for 3 a long time. Ranjan guarantees to hold up for her and tells her that he will beware of her father and sister amid her nonappearance.