Released On - 01 Jan 1981     2hr 12min

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Ajay and Prem come to a remote village and find accommodation in an old guest house. They decide to stay there for a few days. However after their arrival, things begin to get out of hand. There are a series of unexplained murders. Every night the two friends notice a lady wearing a white sari roaming the streets near a burial ground. People of the village begin to suspect Ajay and get him arrested. He however escapes jail and is now hell bent on proving his innocence and uncovering the real mystery behind the murders. The film is directed by Irshad and produced by Kavita Seth. The music is composed by Hemant Bhosle. The star cast includes Prem Chopra, Jayshree Gadkar, Bindiya Goswami, Jagdeep and T P Jain.