Sarfaroshi - A War Against System

Released On - 26 Sep 2014     2hr 7min

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Sarfaroshi - A War Against System
Indian Film History


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This is a movie that shows the tough and incessant battle between terrorists and good people in uniforms. With sheer bravery and perseverance, all encounters can be put to rest. In the end only the honest and absolute courageous will win. Some civilians have been taken hostage by terrorists and an army chief asks his best commando Shiv, to take them to task and save the life of all hostages at any cost.


Shiv, goes along with three of his other commandos and attacks the terrorist’s camp brutally, killing them all and saving the life of the hostages. Shiv comes to realize through his sources that there are many more terrorists operating within a nexus hand n glove with some corrupt politicians. His brother Om is informed about this nexus and he ambushes another of their camp in the forest and arrests one alive.


A influential politician Bhanu Pratap, requests the home minister to transfer Om to another sector as he is a hindrance to their operations but since his track record is good transferring him isn’t an option. Bhanu then hatches a plan to accuse Om in a false case of anti-national activities. Later he is killed in prison and made to look like a suicide. Shiv swears vengeance for his brother’s death and with the help of few other honest colleagues, destroys the politicians and the terrorists.


The movie is directed by Bhagirathi Swain and produced by Ganesh Loke. The star cast includes Ayub Khan, Ehsaan Khan, Ganesh Loke and Dilzan Wadia. The music is composed by Vaishnav Deva and the cinematography is by Ashok Rao. The screenplay is written by M Shahbaz, S K Chauhan and Parijat Haldar.