Smile Please

Released On - 17 Dec 2004    

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Two brothers live together and are close to each other. They love each other immensely but yet are very different from each other. One brother is hard working and is dedicated with whatever work he does. He is a fast learner and wants to acquire new skills. On the other hand his brother is laid back and relaxed. He is in no rush to get anywhere or achieve anything in life. His life is like an extended vacation. This is the only point where both brothers don’t get along. It is up to the brothers to make something productive out of their lives.


The star cast of the movie includes Devang Patel, Sajeed Ali, Avantika Verma, Shakti Kapoor, Razak Khan, Simran Sud and Sudha Chandran. The movie is directed by Yunus Patel and produced by Yogesh Lakhani and Nilesh Mehta. The music is composed by Devang Patel. The story is written by Imtiaz Patel. The cinematography is by Naren Gedia and the choreography is by Lollypop, Bali and Shabana.