Stanley Ka Dabba

Released On - 13 May 2011     1hr 35min



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Stanley Ka Dabba
Indian Film History
Stanley Ka Dabba
Indian Film History


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Stanley Ka Dabba is a heartwarming story of a small boy studying in fourth grade called Stanley, played by Partho Gupte. Stanley loves going to school and is quite popular among his friends. He is very intelligent and has a creative mind. His English teacher Ms.Rosy, played by Divya Dutta, admires his talent and always praises him. On the other hand his science teacher, played by Divya Jagdale is always flustered by his imaginations and getting carried away from her topics in class.

The Hindi teacher, played by Amole Gupte is a malicious and bullying character who never gets his own lunch to school but laps up the chance to dig into his student’s tiffin boxes. The bunch of boys in Stanley’s group are always the victim of the hindi teacher’s hunger pangs during lunch time and try to sneak away from him to finish their food. Stanley however never gets his own tiffin for some reason but his friends are more than happy to share their own with him.

After several attempts at trying to get some food from the group of boys from Stanley’s class during lunch time goes futile, the hindi teacher decides to follow them and see what they are up to. He is too late to reach the group where he sees Stanley licking off the tiffin of one of the boys. This makes the teacher mad and he demands that Stanley get his own tiffin from now on or he will not be allowed to attend school. A dejected Stanley doesn’t come to school for many days and the suspense over why he doesn’t get his tiffin finally unfolds.

Stanley Ka Dabba is written, directed and produced by Amole Gupte and the music is composed by Hitesh Sonik and Amole Gupte.