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Released On - 05 Mar 2010     2hr 0min

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Municipality is a 12 year old boy who has been living on the streets of Mumbai all his life, ever since his mother abandoned him in a hospital and left. His life revolves around his four close friends 15 year old Soda, 10 year old Sursuri, 8 year old Cutting and 6 year old Dhed Shaana. They feel like kings on the road as they are street smart and know every trick in the book to survive the harsh city life. Lately he has been caught doing something illegal and is being taken to a reformatory. Municipality, as expected manages to escape and is on the run and hides.


Unexpectedly, Municipality happens to find an abandoned baby on the street. Feeling emotional and wanting to help the tiny frail human, he picks him up and looks for his mother but cant find her close by and realizes the child is unwanted. Out of the goodness of his heart, he tries to give the baby to someone who is willing and responsible to care for him, but is shocked to see people’s reaction as they turn him down one after another.


Municipality decides to take matters into his own hands and with the help of his four tiny friends, hatches a plan to find the child’s mother. After a lengthy and demanding struggle, he does find the child’d mother, but it is not what he expected she would say or do. He taken aback at this image of a mother, since he imagined a ‘mother’ to be kind, compassionate, loving and sweet, just like the mother that left him in that hospital 12 years back.


The movie is directed by Irfan Kamal and produced by Quantum Films. The music is composed by Ranjit Barot.