The Guru

Released On - 31 Jan 2003     2hr 5min

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Ramu Gupta, played by Jimi Mistry is a naïve and honest man, living in Delhi. When his cousin tells him about the life and luxuries in New York, Unites States of America, Ramu is intrigued and tempted to go there as well. He tells him stories of how he is enjoying his life. To make ends meet, Ramu looks around for a lucrative job and finally thinks he has gotten the ultimate job as an actor, but unfortunately he lands a job with a pornographic film. Later that day he joins his friend Vijay at a party he is catering for. The swami who is to address the crowd gets drunk and creates havoc.  


Ramu then takes the swami’s place and gives advice that he has heard from an adult film star. The birthday girl is mighty impressed by Ramu’s words and declares him as the next sex guru and introduces him to her friends. Later Ramu asks his film actress friend for more advice as he actually wants to use it for his guru responsibilities. Meanwhile he gets close to the actress who is engaged to someone else who thinks her profession is that of a school teacher.


The movie is directed by Daisy Von Scherler Mayer and produced by Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner and Michael London. The music is composed by David Carbonara.