Released On - 12 Oct 2018     1hr 44min

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Tumbbad is a 2018 release,  a horror film directed by debutant Rahi Anil Barve and co-directed by Adesh Prasad. The story is written by Rahi and Adesh along with Mitesh Shah and Anand Gandhi .  Produced by Sohum Shah and Aanand L. Rai and Mukesh Shah and Amita Shah.   Featuring in the film are Sohum Shah .

A story of Vinayak Rao( Shah) and the script is based on the story by Narayan Dharap, a Marathi writer as told to him by his friend in 1993.  The film has been trying its best to go on floors since 1997 and has been delayed, redrafted, story board changed until the film was re-shot and film completed in 2015.  However, it finally got released only in 2018.

Vinayak Rao in the film begins with him telling his 14 year old son about the Goddess of Prosperity who gave birth to 160 million gods and Hastar being her most favourite and beloved but he was greedy for gold and food.  The other gods attacked him and the goddess saved him with a condition that he will never be worshiped and would be forgotten in the history.  The film is all about how the Vinayak’s family acquired gold and survived  and how they encounter the legendary demon while searching for hidden treasures of the 19th Century in India.