Vaastu Shastra

Released On - 22 Oct 2004     2hr 0min

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Virag Rao, played by J.D Chakravarthy is married to Jhilmil, played by Sushmita Sen, and they have a little son together named Rohan. Virag and Jhilmil both are working and usually work late and hardly have enough time to give Rohan. They decide to move into a new house in the Mumbai suburbs. But strange things keep happening there. Rohan, meanwhile starts taking to people Virag and Jhilmil cannot see and they think it is just his imaginary friends. However in reality they are the ghosts of dead people who are present in the house. A new maid named Rukma joins the family and she too notices paranormal happenings in the house. She has a habit of stealing things and one day gets killed by one of the ghosts.


Virag and Jhilmil are not able to understand why all this is happening and worry for their son. Her sister Radhika comes to stay with them for a few days. While the family is away for a movie, Radhika invites her boyfriend and they both get intimate. However things go horribly wrong and both are killed by the ghosts. When Virag, Jhilmil and Rohan return they find the brutally murdered duo in their house. Having had enough the couple tries to find answers to the terrifying events but unfortunately Virag is killed and tries to attack Jhilmil and Rohan. While trying to flee her car crashes into an old Banyan tree, she escapes but the car is burned along with the tree assuming that the ghosts have been destroyed but at the hospital the ghost returns inside Rohan.


The movie is directed by Saurab Narang and produced by Ram Gopal Varma. The music is composed by Amar Mohile.