VC 571 Movie

Released On - 31 May 2024     2hr 10min

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May 2024 is when VC 571 is expected to be launched. "V C 571 is a gripping war film that skillfully tells the inspirational story of VC Rifleman Gabar Singh Negi, a notable Garhwal Rifles member during World War I. The plot centers on Negi and his fellow British Indian Army troops' bravery and selflessness, highlighting their unwavering perseverance in the face of difficulty. The video depicts Negi's incredible achievement of defeating over 275 German soldiers on his alone, which ultimately led to the Battle of Neuve Chapelle in France being decidedly won. based on the motivational tales of the Garhwal Rifles, with a special emphasis on Gabar Singh Negi, the recipient of the Victoria Cross. "V C 571" honors the unwavering spirit of these warriors who were instrumental in determining the path of history during World War I.