Released On - 27 May 2016     1hr 39min

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Shiv, played by Naseeruddin Shah is an elderly professor seated at a waiting lounge in the hospital waiting to see his wife Pankaja, played by Suhasini Maniratnam who is in a comatose state after suffering a stroke a few months back.

Tara, played by Kalki Koechlin is also ushered into the waiting area after her husband Rajat, played by Arjun Mathur has a horrific car accident and is now on a ventilator.


Tara and Shiv start talking to each other at the hospital waiting area and discuss their spouse’s conditions. Tara seems visibly disturbed at the turn of events and she commends the calmness and composure with which Shiv is handling his situation. He explains to her the five stages of grief being his calming technique. They both bond and become friends.


Meanwhile Rajat’s doctor Nirupam, played by Rajat Kapoor, tells Tara that he might need surgery for the Hematoma in his brain but carries the risk of partial paralysis. This news crushes Tara. Unable to think she goes to Shiv for advice who has his own cross to bear with Malhotra who he accuses of minting money in the name of insurance. Shiv and Tara have their own opinion about the situation and get into an argument and leave.


Later after much deliberation Tara decides to go ahead with Rajat’s surgery and Shiv takes his wife off life support to let her breath on her own. Time will decide their fate.

Waiting is directed by Anu Menon, produced by Priti Gupta and Manish Mundra and the music is composed by Mikey McCleary.