Released On - 06 Jan 1984     2hr 27min


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Vikram is an honest and hard working forest officer who does his duties to the best he can. He falls in love with a lovely young girl named Angela and soon both of them settle into marital bliss. Their happiness however does not last too long as Angela gets brutally murdered by a notorious dacoit named Kehar Singh. Vikram’s only motto in life now is to avenge his wife’s death by bringing Kehar Singh to justice. But before he could do that, he himself is falsely framed for the murder and thrown into jail for many years. He waits patiently and finally is released. Things however don’t settle yet for Vikram as he is again framed in the murder of Neeta’s father. The film is directed by Ambrish Sangal and produced by Shyam Sunder and Shivdasani. The music is composed by Bappi Lahiri. The star cast includes Mithun Chakraborty, Tina Munim, Om Shivpuri, Mazhar Khan, Krishna Dhawan, Mac Mohan and Asrani.