Wrong Number

Released On - 01 Jan 1959     2hr 50min



Wrong Number is an Action-Crime Thriller Romantic Family Drama Film crafted with excellence by S.K. Shyam. The Story revolves around the life of Chandu- A Simple and Kind-Hearted Truck Driver living with his Sister- Nirmala after his parents demise and raises her with love in a Poor lifestyle. Ramesh- A Police Inspector fells in love with Nirmala and wanted to marry her. Chandu rejoices after getting the lottery number right and this helps Ramesh's Father to agree to the marriage. He takes a loan from the Banwarilal for the sake of Marriage. Things get complicated- when at Nirmala's wedding day- the lottery agent informs Chandu about the wrong number and this causes the cancelation of marriage and destructed Chandu's life, leading to consequences. Primary Starcast- Kamran, Naazi, Mastana