While having a conversation on International  Women's Day, Anand Pandit also discusses the achievements of women in the entertainment industry and the importance of inclusion.

Remembering Devika Rani: Indian Cinema's First Lady And Many Other Legendary Women's Of Indian Cinema:

When Bhanu Athaiya, wrapped in a simple blue saree and won the Best Costume Design award at the 55th Annual Academy Awards in 1983 for Gandhi, she became the first Indian to win an Oscar. Well-known producer Anand Pandit says, 'When we celebrate the many triumphs of our cinema at international platforms today, we must never forget to acknowledge trailblazers like her. Or forget that women have played an invaluable role in bringing Indian cinema to its current position of prominence.'

Changing Norms- Women's Establishing Presence Behind the Camera:

He also gave the example of Indian cinema's First Lady Devika Rani who was the first recipient of the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke Award and led Bombay Talkies successfully after the demise of her husband Himanshu and not only produced superhits like 'Basant' and 'Kismet' but also discovered an exceptional talented legendary actor like Dilip Kumar. 'It is also quite normative to overlook women's achievements behind the camera but things are changing. We now see so many women helming cinematography, wielding the megaphone, handling production, editing, continuity and a lot more. We have so many exceptional women writers today and we must invest more in them and also in cinema that challenges male-centric film-making,' says Pandit.

He adds, 'Women bring a unique perspective to the table and I am committed to bringing more diversity and inclusivity into my cinema  because when women's  voices are heard and represented in the creative process, it leads to richer and more impactful storytelling.'