Rupali Ganguly has been ecstatic about her Star Plus show Anupamaa's success. Since its July 2020 debut on television, the serial and its titular character have attracted a large number of fans. She is currently working on another project with director and writer Sajan Agarwal, and that show continues to be one of the most popular Hindi television shows. For that untitled project, Rupali has already begun filming. The makers have stated that it will feature "visually stunning cinematography" and that Rupali will demonstrate her versatility, though not much else is known at this time.

Agarwal made the following statement about his experience working with the actress: "Rupali Ganguly is a fantastic actress, and working with her has been a great pleasure." I can't talk about the shoot, but I'm sure the audience will love it because it turned out better than we expected. The project's creators said in a statement, "The project will be premiered on major TV networks and digital platforms in the coming weeks and is expected to receive widespread viewership and positive reviews." They also discussed the project's current state. Sajan Agarwal and Rupali Ganguly's collaboration demonstrates their talent and professionalism and will establish new industry standards.